Your Trusted Local Carpenter

Carpentry services in Michigan involve the construction, assembly, installation, and repair of wooden structures in homes and other types of buildings. Primarily, there are two categories of carpentry, namely rough carpentry and fine or finish carpentry. Rough carpentry focuses largely on the wooden framing of the building and the skeletal structures that support buildings like walls, roofs, beams, pillars, and floors. Rough carpenters are also trained to identify defects in the wooden structures and also ensure that the structures and materials used in construction meet up to building and residential codes and proper strength standards. On the other hand, fine or finish carpentry involves the precise detailing and craftsmanship required to transform your home into a habitable space. Work that falls under this type of carpentry includes the design and installation of interior trim and millwork such as stair railings, crown molding and casing around doors and windows, shelves and cabinetry, built-in furniture, drawers, and other storage spaces. Finish carpenters are trained to ensure that various aspects of the interior finish go well with each other to create an aesthetically harmonious interior.

What Is Rough Carpentry Or Framing

A home has its own skeletal system, referred to as the frame. Framing is the most important feature of your home. The structure of a house is found in the framework It needs to be strong enough to carry the weight of everything attached to it.

What Is Finish Carpentry

Are you looking to finalize those smaller remodeling tasks that always seem to get put off? Finish carpentry refers to those nagging projects that can take a house and make it a home. Homeowners count on MQCMI to provide quality workmanship when their home carpentry projects call for a trusted handyman. Finish carpentry refers to those general home maintenance needs that can be addressed either before or after the homeowner moves into a home. Finish carpenters can be brought in to complete a new home or finish a remodeling project of an existing house.