We Understand Your Attic Insulation And Ventilation Requirements

At MQCMI, we know that the insulation of roof is very important for every homeowner. A poorly insulated roof will require more air conditioning in the summer and more heat in the winter.

In fact, poor insulation in your roof can even cause your rafters to crack causing structural issues.

How Insulation Acts

Insulation can act as a 2nd water barrier, so making sure you have proper insulation can also reduce leaks coming into your house. Good insulation is the real key to extending the life of your roof. Blown-in fiberglass insulation gets into all the small corners and crevices in your roof. Standard insulation can’t provide full coverage. Like the attention to detail in our roofing services, we extend this dedication to your attic insulation. We always use the best quality products. A minimum of R-36 will be used and R-49 is recommended. We can even blow in up to R-60. When you drive through the Greater Metro Detroit Area, you may notice that some roofs are completely covered by snow while others have none at all. If there is no snow on the roof or there are areas where the roof is exposed, it is likely because heat is escaping the structure through the roof. You may also notice ice dams on these roofs. Inadequate attic roof insulation is often the root cause of these destructive ice dams. By installing proper attic roof insulation, the temperature within the structure will be more consistent and comfortable, you will save on energy costs, and you can avoid future damage caused by ice dams.