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For over 15 years, we have been providing complete Roofing, Home Repair, Remodeling, Maintenance & Disaster Restoration Services in Troy, MI

Our Comprehensive Roofing Services for Troy, MI

At About My Quality Windows, Roofing, Siding & More of Troy, we offer a comprehensive range of roofing services to meet diverse homeowner needs in Troy, MI, and surrounding areas. Hiring a professional roofer for your roofing job ensures you receive a warranty for the roof and compliance with local and state codes.

Roof Repair

From fixing leaks to replacing damaged or missing shingles, our skilled roofers provide prompt, effective repairs to extend your existing roof's lifespan and prevent further issues.

Roof Replacement

When it's time for a full roof replacement, our team collaborates closely with you to select the best roofing materials and designs to suit your style, budget, and requirements.

Roof Inspections

Regular roof inspections are essential for identifying and addressing potential problems early, helping you stay ahead of costly roof repairs or replacements.

Gutter Repair & Installation

Properly functioning gutters channel water away from your home, preventing water damage. We offer professional gutter installation, repair, and maintenance.

Siding Installation

Enhance your home's curb appeal while protecting it from the elements with our expert siding installation services featuring premium siding materials and styles.

Window Replacement

Improve energy efficiency and beautify your home with our top-quality window installation services using energy-efficient windows from leading manufacturers like Owens Corning.

About My Quality Windows, Roofing, Siding & More of Troy

As a professional roofing company serving Troy, MI, and nearby areas, About My Quality Windows, Roofing, Siding & More of Troy takes great pride in delivering exceptional roofing services and complete customer satisfaction. Our roofing companies are certified and recognized for their high standards and proximity to the Troy area. Our roofing contractors have over 15 years of expertise in providing high-quality roofing solutions tailored to homeowners’ needs. Our roofing contractor is certified by reputable organizations such as Owens Corning, Atlas, and Malarkey, ensuring top-notch quality and compliance with industry standards. We are committed to using only the best materials and practicing excellent workmanship on every roofing project.

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Serving Troy and the Surrounding Areas in Michigan

While our headquarters is based in Troy, Michigan, we are proud to serve clients across Oakland County and the surrounding region. Homeowners in the following areas can rely on our roofing expertise:

  • Troy
  • Rochester Hills
  • Bloomfield Hills
  • Clawson
  • Birmingham
  • Madison Heights

As a preferred contractor, we have built a reputation for delivering outstanding roofing services to our local communities.

Why Choose Our Roofing Company

With over 15 years of experience as a trusted roofing company, we have established ourselves as industry leaders. Our commitment to quality craftsmanship, use of premium materials, and a team of highly skilled roofing professionals set us apart.

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Meticulous Attention to Detail

From the initial consultation to the final cleanup, we meticulously attend to every detail of your roofing project. Our roofing professionals take great care to ensure precise measurements, proper installation techniques, and a flawless finished product that meets the highest standards of quality.

Transparent Pricing

From the initial consultation to the final cleanup, we meticulously attend to every detail of your roofing project. Our roofing professionals take great care to ensure precise measurements, proper installation techniques, and a flawless finished product that meets the highest standards of quality.

Transparent Pricing

We believe in providing our customers with clear, upfront pricing for all our roofing services. Our quotes are comprehensive, outlining all costs involved, with no hidden fees or surprises. We want you to feel confident in your investment with us.

Comprehensive Warranties

Your new roof is a significant investment, and we protect it with comprehensive manufacturer and workmanship warranties. These warranties give you peace of mind, knowing that your roof is covered against defects, leaks, and other issues for years to come.

Timely Project Completion

We understand the inconvenience that comes with a roofing project, which is why we work efficiently to complete your project on time, every time. Our skilled team adheres to strict schedules, ensuring minimal disruption to your daily life.

Exceptional Customer Service

At About My Quality Windows, Roofing, Siding & More of Troy, we prioritize your satisfaction above all else. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff ensures an exceptional customer experience by addressing all concerns and providing outstanding service from start to finish.

Eco-Friendly Practices

We are committed to sustainable and environmentally responsible roofing practices. From our use of eco-friendly materials to our waste disposal methods, we strive to minimize our environmental impact and contribute to a greener future for our community.

The Benefits of Roofing

A well-installed and properly maintained roof offers numerous advantages for homeowners. Beyond protecting your home from harsh elements, a quality roof enhances energy efficiency, boosts curb appeal, increases property value, and provides long-lasting protection.

Increased Home Value

A new roof is one of the most valuable investments for homeowners, often recouping a substantial portion of its cost upon resale by increasing your property's value.

Improved Energy Efficiency

With energy costs continually rising, investing in a high-quality, energy-efficient roof can significantly reduce your energy bills by providing superior insulation and ventilation.

Protection from the Elements

A sturdy, well-constructed roof acts as a formidable barrier against harsh weather, safeguarding your home and belongings from water damage, hail, wind, and other environmental hazards.

Extended Lifespan

Regular maintenance and timely repairs by professional roofers can significantly extend your roof's lifespan, maximizing your investment and preventing costly full roof replacements.

Customization Options

With a vast selection of materials, styles, and colors, you can customize your new roof to complement your home's architectural style and personal preferences.

Enhanced Curb Appeal

A beautiful, expertly designed roof can dramatically elevate your home's aesthetic appeal, making it the envy of the neighborhood and boosting overall curb appeal.

Peace of Mind

By choosing an experienced, reputable roofing company like About My Quality Windows, Roofing, Siding & More of Troy, you can have peace of mind knowing your roofing project is handled with great care and commitment to excellence.

Improved Indoor Comfort

A properly ventilated and insulated roof helps regulate indoor temperatures, ensuring a comfortable living environment year-round and reducing energy costs.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Roofing

roofing troy michigan

The duration of a roofing project can vary depending on several factors, but most residential roof replacements or repairs take anywhere from a few days to a week. Larger or more complex projects may require additional time. During our initial consultation, we’ll provide you with a detailed timeline based on the scope of work and any unique requirements of your project.

Yes, at About My Quality Windows, Roofing, Siding & More of Troy, we stand behind our work and offer comprehensive warranties on both materials and workmanship. Our manufacturer warranties protect against defects in the roofing materials, while our workmanship warranties cover any issues related to the installation process.

We recommend having your roof inspected at least once a year by a professional roofing contractor. Annual inspections allow us to identify and address any potential problems early, before they escalate into more significant and costly issues. Additionally, it’s advisable to have your roof inspected after any major weather events, such as severe storms, hail, or high winds, as these can cause damage that may not be immediately apparent.

Several factors influence the overall cost of a new roof installation. The size of your home is a major factor, as larger homes require more materials and labor. The type of roofing material you choose, be it asphalt shingles, metal, tile, or a flat roof system, will also impact the cost. Additionally, the complexity of the project, such as the presence of multiple levels, skylights, or intricate roof designs, can increase the overall expense. Finally, the condition of your existing roof plays a role, as more extensive repairs or replacements may be required if the underlying structure is compromised.

Yes, we understand that a new roof or major roof repairs can be a significant investment for many homeowners. To make our services more accessible, we offer flexible financing options through reputable lenders. Our team will work with you to find a financing plan that fits your budget and ensures you can complete the necessary roofing work without delay.

At About My Quality Windows, Roofing, Siding & More of Troy, we believe in providing our customers with a variety of high-quality roofing material options to choose from. Our recommendations are based on your specific needs, preferences, and the regional climate. Popular choices include asphalt shingles, which offer durability and affordability, as well as metal roofing, which is known for its longevity and energy efficiency. We also install tile roofs and flat roof systems, depending on the architectural style of your home and your desired aesthetic.

To ensure a smooth and efficient roofing project, we recommend taking a few simple steps to prepare your home. First, clear any outdoor furniture, planters, or valuables away from the work area to prevent potential damage. Additionally, ensure that our crew has clear access to your roof by trimming any overhanging trees or bushes. Finally, make arrangements for any pets or children to be kept away from the work area for their safety during the project.

Absolutely! Complementing our wide-ranging roofing solutions, we provide expert gutter installation and repair services to safeguard your home from water damage. Properly functioning gutters are essential for channeling water away from your home, preventing water damage, and protecting your foundation. We can install new seamless gutters or repair and maintain your existing gutter system to ensure it is functioning optimally.

Yes, we often recommend coordinating window replacements with roofing projects for several reasons. First, it can be more cost-effective to complete both projects simultaneously, as there are often discounts available for bundling services. Additionally, it streamlines the process and minimizes disruptions to your daily life. Our team can efficiently replace your windows while completing your roofing work, ensuring a cohesive and visually appealing final result.

Getting started with a roofing project is simple! Just contact our office to schedule a free, no-obligation consultation. During this consultation, one of our experienced roofing professionals will visit your home, assess your needs, and provide you with a detailed estimate outlining the scope of work, materials to be used, and the projected timeline. We’ll also be happy to answer any additional questions you may have and discuss financing options if needed.

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